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At AFOX & Associates, we believe that marketing is an essential part of growing your business. That’s why we offer marketing cost subsidization to our Broker Agency Associates.

This subsidy can be used to offset existing marketing costs or to offer new marketing budgets, simply through your activity as an organization. This means that the more your team produces, the more marketing support you’ll receive from us.

You can use this subsidy for your own lead choices or test and purchase leads from our internal, vetted vendor list. We want to ensure that our partnered organizations have access to the best possible resources to help grow their business, and our marketing cost subsidization is just one of the ways we work achieve that goal.

At AFOX & Associates, we pride ourselves on being able to offer top commission compensation to Managing General Agencies and Independent Marketing Organizations based on their production history and activity.

We believe in the integrity of a contract and the importance of effective hierarchy structures. By partnering with AFOX, your custom associate partnership is designed to the specifications needed for your team’s unique operating model and strategic growth goals. 

Top competitive commissions are offered for all product lines, with agency wide production permitted for inclusion during commission structure discussions. 

At AFOX & Associates, we understand that managing a successful insurance business can be a delicate balance – especially when it comes to your agency culture. We want to embolden rather than confound. 

At AFOX, as the Managing Broker, you are given access to all available resources – to be used at your discretion. Some teams prefer their own internal systems, and simply want a trusted partnership where they can grow with confidence. 

We get that. There are too many shared horror stories of integrations gone awry. We seek to offer solutions to fill the deficiencies, but only on the condition of desire and support by the leaders of your organization. 

We are committed to the success of our partnered agencies and believe in providing them with the support they need to thrive in this industry, on their term, evidenced by our commitment to steadfast integrity and candor.

Access to a series of  proprietary insurance products offered through carrier partnerships made by AFOX & Associates provides a competitive edge in the insurance market.

These products are unique and not readily available to the general public, making them more attractive to clients seeking customized insurance solutions.

Often due to their exclusivity, these products often have better terms and pricing than standard insurance products, and have been designed to capitalize on niche client segments that other products aren’t able to service. 

Give your team access to a product that allows your agents to offer a more comprehensive and affordable insurance package to their clients, which in turn can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

At AFOX & Associates, we understand the importance of having a user-friendly application experience for both the writing agent and the client. To provide for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, carrier relationships are meticulously chosen with the writing agents and managing agencies in mind. 

At AFOX you will have access to a suite of carrier products, ranging from fully-underwritten whole life programs, all the way to simplified express issue term programs. And everything else in between.

Do you work with clients with Advanced Market needs? Retirement Planning? Annuities? Or just want to help them find the best Medicare program in their area? Our dedicated back office provides real time access for generating illustrations, walk-throughs and product availability, with a capacity to service your entire team. Open up client conversations into new verticals with confidence.

AFOX & Associates, an agency specializing in recruitment, offers a variety of recruitment resources to its clients. These resources include access to structured campaigns, which are designed to attract and retain top talent. Additionally, AFOX provides agent data sources that can help identify and target potential candidates based on their skills, experience, and other relevant criteria.

AFOX also offers best practice onboarding procedures to help new hires integrate smoothly into the organization. These procedures include orientation, training, and support to ensure that the new employee is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their role successfully and begin production in less than a month from carrier appointment.

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A variety of products that are your team will be able to access have features allowing them to be useful for conducting telesales! Some are more user friendly than others but we aim to help familiarize you with all of the options available and provide assistance in the matriculation and onboarding.

Commissions can be paid directly to your agents or can be released LOA direct to your agency. Each carrier has a different process for commissions payout – but we believe in giving agency managers the control to determine how commissions are released.

There are too many horror stories of duplicitous organizations withholding the knowledge and fair share of the residual income generated from independent agency’s business.

Here we are crystal clear about it. As long as you maintain active compliance and good standing with your contracts through our organization, your residuals for you and your agents are vested. Day 1. 

No. We offer opportunities to all independent agencies based on mutual fit. We are not a captive organization but we hope to earn your trust and grow together in different ways. 

Often times partnership with AFOX and its subsidiaries can help build existing relationships by providing more support to generate additional premium in all of your team’s distribution channels. 

No. Agency fees are not assessed at present for Associate Partners. We believe in helping you build your brand and your business without the financial front end drag.

We know that a partnership is an investment in the future, and our objective is to create unique relationships where it is a mutual investment.

Releases can be a sore subject in the direct marketing and sales world, so we like to be crystal clear about our stance on the matter: here you will have an open door release policy to go wherever you wish. The last thing we want to do is stand in the way of your success. All we require is that all outstanding balances are closed and the offer is reciprocated for any future business dealings. Chat with a member of our team to learn more about the different ways we maintain transprarency and help you to establish solid business practices designed to help you grow sustainably. 

The topic of “production requirements” often goes hand in hand with commission or compensation level. And the short answer is: yes. Based on certain situations and commission structure set-ups production requirements may be required to ensure everything is aligned appropriately to construct your teams hierarchy. At the end of the day, these can fluctuate between companies and often are reviewed on a situation by situation basis. 

AFOX strives in creating dynamic partnerships offering the top compensation available in the industry to help ensure you have the building blocks for success. And its not “set-it-and-forget-it”, your agency’s commission will grow with your production – and we are happy to do it! 

Top compensation is one of those phrases that has been dragged through the mud in our industry. The truth is there is no singular “Top Compensation” that is offered, as each company has different structures unique to their product design. Here we operate in transparency and aim to offer you the most compensation that you are eligible to receive based on your experience, current production and business model. From the just-licensed neophyte to the established multi-vertical tiered agency distribution models, we haven’t met a prospective partner we couldn’t offer an enhanced benefit!

Yes, marketing bonuses are available. Bonuses depend upon your marketing plan and production. Some bonuses pay to your agency and some bonuses pay directly to agents themselves.

Book of business ownership is often an intentionally averted topic by many organizations because they want to take advantage of the naïve. Here we want you to learn and grow into the trust of the organization you partner with. When it comes to your clients – your book of business is your book of business. As long as you remain their agent of record, you will continue to earn the rewards of your labors.

Promotions should not be a topic of concern within an organization who appreciates you and the efforts you put into your practice. Our platform is designed to not only reward you for achieving certain milestones by promoting your place in there organization, but also the commiserate earnings associated along with it! Connect with a specialist to learn our customized approach to laying out the roadmap to achieving the progressive way-points towards actualizing your financial goals.

Organizational integrity and trust in partnership are the cornerstones of our organization. And rightfully lauded for the amount of funny business that has been experienced by the fair share of individuals in the insurance space! Here we believe in maintaining the integrity of the contract and the hierarchy. The construction of your distribution is protected from affiliated sub organizations from breaching commission tiers.

The contracting process can vary from company to company. Some can turn around as fast as same-day, while others can be a series of weeks! The key is having the right expectation for each company and knowing what requisites there are to ensure timely and efficient processing. Our goal is to help expedite these processes as fast as possible while ensuring accuracy to prevent any potential delays.

AFOX Back Office Support team will work hand in hand with your agency managers to ensure a seamless and timely integration into the platform. Our carrier relationships afford us the ability to prioritize your agency’s onboarding to ensure you don’t miss a step in your production goals. 

As a brokerage model we can offer a variety of different commission payout structures. Some circumstances may have requisite steps to obtain, but we are able to offer a variety of advance options, as well as a traditional paid as earned basis.

At AFOX we believe in supporting your agency the way you have designed it. We offer customized compensation structures that can pay direct to your agents, or distribute your hierarchy’s commissions directly to your agency. 

Yes. We offer weekly and daily training, including 1:1, depending on your agency’s choosing. We do not require Associate Partner Agencies to mandate their team to attend any events or trainings. You will always have the choice to participate, at your discretion.

We understand the importance of business culture and dynamics and ensure you maintain steadfast control of what and who your agents have visibility to in the AFOX system. 

No, training is not required but it is available if desired. We offer training in sales and all product lines. We do not require Associate Partner Agencies to mandate their team to attend any events or trainings. You will always have the choice to participate, at your discretion.

We understand the importance of business culture and dynamics and ensure you maintain steadfast control of what and who your agents have visibility to in the AFOX system. 

Yes. We offer options for all lines in health and life insurance, including guaranteed issue, fully underwritten, simplified issue, indexed universal, Medicare, ancillary products, annuities, and supplements. We have it all – including access to proprietary products others can’t get. 

Partnering with AFOX allows you to focus on your chosen verticals, while having the option to add-on additional lines of business at your team’s discretion. There are even full-team training series available to Associate Partner Agencies to create new lines of business using and your agency’s bottom line revenue. 

"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."

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