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The Story of AFOX

“At AFOX & Associates – we believe the foundation for success begins with Family. Our objective is to serve as a cornerstone for our members to build their success stories, and promote a culture that desires to extend a helping hand to all who seek it.”

Evan Wadsworth, Partner

No Titles. Just Skills.



He plans, designs, and oversees the integration of back end systems and agency business operations. Formally trained in process engineering and business administration, he provides expertise in project execution and facilitation of systems deployment along all levels of AFOX operations.



She serves as the conduit of data to service and connect front office needs to back office administration and oversight. Possessing tact and a high degree of organization, she focuses on setting foundations for success by establishing bespoke plans of action for partnered Associates and professional organization.



He sources and curates opportunities for the acquisition and expansion of agency offered resources and partnerships. Outfitted with years of experience and a keen understanding of industry knowledge, he provides insights on emergent trends and opportunities to drive business development and strategic alignment. 

Kate Bloom


She embodies the role of a multi-faceted team player who puts a priority emphasis on bridging the gaps between pillars. She serves to facilitate the on-boarding of new Associates and oversees the team of back office staff who bring to life the inner workings of AFOX.



He brings the energy and enthusiasm to engaging with our Associates and stakeholders. Organized and accountable, he maintains real time communication to ensure the right resources are allocated and appropriated befitting the unique strategies deployed effectively and seamlessly.



She champions the underpinnings of the key product offerings available to service our Associates’ clientele and brings to life ways of engaging with our local and national community. Innovatively developing new modes of client engagement, she works to streamline the insurance industry into the future of AFOX’s technology-enabled offerings.

The History

Year by Year since the Inception of AFOX & Associates

AFOX In-House Brands


The Wholesale Final Expense Network provides a developed resource network for connecting final expense agents to needed assets.


Serving as as leading center for social media engagement of active insurance producers.


Bespoke brick and mortar community fiduciary organization for generating educational engagement and client advocacy.


Insurance Benefits IQ is an early stage AI generative model designed to help virtually guide interested clients in assessing product applicability and access.


The Back Office Support Specialist model serves to enable best practice production management through digital education and system integration.


Infinite Banking Concepts Methodology provides insight and guidance to leveraging advanced insurance concepts designed for niche market clientele.


Underwriter Select Group serves as a working model for client facing support services and policy maintenance to decrease attrition and deepen relationships.


American Home Benefits and Entitlements is a consumer advocacy group that provides community education on insurance benefits at large to interested participants.


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