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Whether you need a CRM to house your client information, a phone-system to set up a professional line of communication or just a network of business enhancement services to take your practice to the next level  – we have you covered. 

As an AFOX Associate, we take the time to work with your business model to isolate the key tools needed for you to succeed. And not waste time or money on those that don’t.

The best part? Most are offered at no cost for active producers, and for the resources that are are a-la-carte, you are provided the at-cost wholesale pricing that the agency at large is offered. 

At AFOX & Associates, we pride ourselves on being able to offer top commission compensation to independent agents based on their production history and activity.

Even new agents to the business are given offers that are flexible based on their support needs. We believe in supporting our agents with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

Compensation increases are not only offered but are to be expected based on continued production. We value our agents and believe in rewarding them for their hard work and dedication to our clients.

At AFOX & Associates, we understand that every agent has unique needs when it comes to training and development. That’s why we offer different types and levels of training based on your needs.

Our trainings include product training, sales and process development training, leadership and business development training, and marketing enhancement.

We conduct weekly trainings that are open to those who choose to attend. These trainings are not mandatory, but are offered for you to access at your own pace and to grow your business on your timeline.

Our trainings can also be customized to help support your business strategy, giving you the tools and resources you need to succeed in this industry.

We believe in investing in our agents and providing them with the training and support they need to achieve their goals.

At AFOX & Associates, we believe that marketing is an essential part of growing your business. That’s why we offer marketing cost subsidization to our independent agents.

This subsidy can be used to offset existing marketing costs or to offer new marketing budgets, simply through your activity as an agent. This means that the more you produce, the more marketing support you’ll receive from us.

You can use this subsidy for your own lead choices or test and purchase leads from our internal, vetted vendor list. We want to ensure that our agents have access to the best possible resources to help grow their business, and our marketing cost subsidization is just one of the ways we achieve that goal.

At AFOX & Associates, we understand that managing a successful insurance business can be challenging, especially when it comes to back-office operations. That’s why we offer back-office organization and support to our independent agents.

Our team helps to monitor ongoing production, providing insight towards reaching established goals, and guiding associates to best practice methodology designed to help more efficiently manage and be in tune with their business.

We believe in offering our agents the support they need to run their businesses effectively, allowing them to focus on what they do best – selling insurance. Our back-office organization and support provides agents with the tools and resources they need to streamline their operations and achieve their goals.

We are committed to the success of our agents and believe in providing them with the support they need to thrive in this industry.

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You'll Never Know Unless You Ask

A variety of products that are offered have features allowing them to be useful for conducting telesales! Some are more user friendly than others but we aim to help familiarize you with all of the options available to you.

Commissions are paid directly to the agents. Each carrier has a different process for commissions payout.

There are too many horror stories of duplicitious organizations witholding the knowledge and fair share of the residual income generated from your business. Here we are crystal clear about it. As long as you maintain active compliance and good standing with your contracts through our organization, your residuals are vested. Day 1. 

No. We offer opportunities to all independent brokers based on mutual fit. We are not a captive organization but we hope to earn your trust and grow together in different ways. 

No. Connect with one of our marketing specialists to find out how these programs would help you to lower your marketing costs without any money coming out of your pocket.

You must be a licensed insurance agent with active and good standing for lines of authority to sell life insurance and/or health insurance. For access to variable annuity products, additional appointment and certification may be required.  

Releases can be a sore subject in the direct marketing and sales world, so we like to be crystal clear about our stance on the matter: here you will have an open door release policy to go wherever you wish. The last thing we want to do is stand in the way of your success. All we require is that all outstanding balances are closed and the offer is reciprocated for any future business dealings. Chat with a member of our team to learn more about the different ways we maintain transprarency and help you to establish solid business practices designed to help you grow sustainably. 

The topic of “production requirements” often goes hand in hand with commission or compensation level. And the short answer is: yes. Based on certain situations and set ups production requirements may be required to ensure everything is aligned appropriately to construct your teams hierarchy. At the end of the day, these can fluctuate between companies and often are reviewed on a situation by situation basis. 

All components of our organization are constructed with a purpose. That purpose must serve its functional unit and the organization as a whole – and if recruiting is a part of your path to success, here you are given that latitude. We even help outfit you with the tools and best practices to establish key habits and tasks to provide for the best foundation of success for your team.

Top compensation is one of those phrases that has been dragged through the mud in our industry. The truth is there is no singular “Top Compensation” that is offered, as each company has different structures unique to their product design. Here we operate in transparency and aim to offer you the most compensation that you are eligible to receive based on your experience, current production and business model. From the just-licensed neophyte to the established multi-vertical tiered agency distribution models, we haven’t met a prospective partner we couldn’t offer an enhanced benefit!

Yes, marketing bonuses are available. Bonuses depend upon your marketing plan and production. Some bonuses pay to your agency and some bonuses pay directly to agents themselves.

There have been a number of organizations who have earned the bad reputation of forcing members to conduct activities they don’t feel comfortable or desirous for doing: and recruiting can often be at the epicenter of this conversation. Here the only activities that you are accountable for are those that you commit to.

In our world, the background check is often carrier specific. This means that some company’s have more stringent policies for their contracted producer’s background history. The good news is out contracting department is knowledgeable on these policies and aims to help make sure you carrier appointments are aligned with your specific background requisites.

Book of business ownership is often an intentionally averted topic by many organizations because they want to take advantage of the naïve. Here we want you to learn and grow into the trust of the organization you partner with. When it comes to your clients – your book of business is your book of business. As long as you remain their agent of record, you will continue to earn the rewards of your labors.

Promotions should not be a topic of concern within an organization who appreciates you and the efforts you put into your practice. Our platform is designed to not only reward you for achieving certain milestones by promoting your place in there organization, but also the commiserate earnings associated along with it! Connect with a specialist to learn our customized approach to laying out the roadmap to achieving the progressive way-points towards actualizing your financial goals.

Organizational integrity and trust in partnership are the cornerstones of our organization. And rightfully lauded for the amount of funny business that has been experienced by the fair share of individuals in the insurance space! Here we believe in maintaining the integrity of the contract and the hierarchy. The construction of your distribution is protected from affiliated sub organizations from breaching commission tiers.

The contracting process can vary from company to company. Some can turn around as fast as same-day, while others can be a series of weeks! The key is having the right expectation for each company and knowing what requisites there are to ensure timely and efficient processing. Our goal is to help expedite these processes as fast as possible while ensuring accuracy to prevent any potential delays.

As a brokerage model we can offer a variety of different commission payout structures. Some circumstances may have requisite steps to obtain, but we are able to offer a variety of advance options, as well as a traditional paid as earned basis.

Yes. We offer weekly and daily training, including 1:1, depending on your marketing plan.

Yes. We offer weekly training in sales and all product lines, including special guest presentations.

No, training is not required but it is available if desired. We offer training in sales and all product lines.

No, as of right now, training is provided free of charge. We offer training in sales and all product lines.

Yes. We offer options for all lines in health and life insurance, including guaranteed issue, fully underwritten, simplified issue, indexed universal, Medicare, ancillary products, annuities, and supplements. We have it all – including access to proprietary products others can’t get. 

"The path to success is to take massive, determined action. But the first step is to decide what you want, and then ask yourself this question:

'What am I willing to do to get it?'

And then take action, and ask for support when you need it. Those who have achieved the most are the ones who have asked for the most help along the way."

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