A Culture of Opportunity

The foundation for success begins with Family.

At AFOX & Associates, our objective is to provide the foundation for our members to build their success stories.

We drive a culture that desires to extend a helping hand to all who seek it.


David Brecka, COO

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, David has 10 years of insurance sales and training experience under his belt. A top nationally ranked producer, David’s primary drive at AFOX is to help agents master their craft and identify resource opportunities to achieve their goals.


Adam Schwartz, CEO

Hailing from Bronx, NY, Adam has 15 years of direct experience working in the Insurance industry. With multiple awards for individual agent and agency success, Adam finds his passion in sharing his experience and knowledge to help aspiring agents and motivated agencies grow to their full potential.

As the AFOX Chief Executive, Adam makes it a point to be the most accessible IMO in the insurance business.


Evan Wadsworth, CIO

Hailing from Albany, NY, Evan comes from an analytics background in regulatory licensing. As the Chief Information Officer, Evan provides streamlined matriculation into the AFOX Culture by overseeing internal operations. He assists team members by making sure there is timely accessibility to resources and opportunities.

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