Dedicated to the Relationships We Build

Comprised of resolute members dedicated to a culture of
Integrity, Coachability and Transparency.

Our sole mission is to provide unmatched member support. By
prioritizing accessibility and innovation, we are committed to providing
industry leading solutions on how best to meet our client’s needs.

Truth Through Transparency

Our opportunity disrupts the standard in the insurance industry. At AFOX, we recognize the potential that each member brings to the table, and encourage open dialogue.

Developing innovations drives results for our team members and our clients. We help to broaden access to resources by building lasting relationships built on transparency.


Temperance Born Integrity

At AFOX & Associates we hold integrity in the highest degree. Our members define who we are, and it is in our members we entrust responsibility on to our clients.

Mindful of the larger scope of progress, we elect to abstain from unfair practice which impacts all members of our value stream. We find solace in the sustainability of this commitment.

Tolerance Embodied in Coachability

Being coachable is a core tenant at AFOX. This requires faith in mentorship to guide you, but also faith in your own skills to realize your full potential.

Being tolerant of change is paramount to leverage member resources, to hone your existing skills and discover keys to unlocking success.

Participating individuals and groups bring this creed full circle. As members of AFOX, the expectation is to adopt this mindset and desire the responsibility of helping coach others to find their success.